Saturday, January 28, 2017

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I've always been a long-hair kind of gal ever since I can remember.  I never cut it short for the fear of looking like a "siopao" or ala "Kimmy Dora."


During high school years, I always had my hair relaxed.  During college years, I always had my hair rebonded.  I also had my hair digi-permed back when it was in fashion.

Here are the blog entries of my digiperm experiences at BeautyBrick Salon:

They say women cut their hair when they're mad, sad or want some changes to happen.  I was irritated that day and I also got tired of my usual look so come third quarter of 2016, I had my hair chopped REAL SHORT --- 12 INCHES to be exact.  I didn't care anymore what it would look like, I just want it done.  So I went to Brian's Hair Cafe and had the procedure done by Mr. Brian himself. 

I also thought, why not donate my hair for a cause? And so, I also donated this chunk of hair to Cuts Against Cancer.    ^_^

with my brother

They call this, the "Long Bob" or "LOB"

After the whole procedure, it felt really, really, REALLY LIGHT!!! I've been used to having very long hair so this felt new to me.  I was also very happy to see that the cut suits me well.

Majority of my friends even told me that I look younger with my new do.

So I told myself, I would keep this look for a while.  I went back before the Chinese New Year to have my hair trimmed again by Mr. Brian, this time, at their newer branch located at Sta Lucia Mall Annex / Il Centro Branch.  I was advised by their staff that Mr. Brian just visits their Commonwealth branch twice a month and that I should go to their Sta. Lucia Mall Annex branch if I want Mr. Brian to cut my hair again.

And so I did!  Their Il Centro branch is much farther from where I live but since I liked how he cut my hair, I want his magical hands to handle my hair again. :)

I was too shy to ask for a picture with Mr. Brian, so my boyfriend did the honor on my behalf.  ^__^

I hope Mr. Brian would frequent their Commonwealth branch as well so I won't need to go all the way to their Il Centro branch for a haircut. 

Anyway, here's how I looked that night at my friend's wedding. ^____^

with my handsome date <3 

  • Ever Gotesco Commonwealth Branch - 02 332 5002
  • Sta Lucia Grand Mall/Il Centro Mall Branch - 02 997 5663

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  1. is it okay to ask, how much did you spend to get you hair done? Thanks :)

    1. Hello! :) The haircut is just 350pesos :)


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