Tuesday, December 20, 2016


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I love my Anello bag.  It's very stylish, durable, and very fashionable.   Gone are the days when backpacks are boring.  Gone are the days when backpacks are used only for school.  Gone are the days when backpacks means you're a student. I'm a "Modern Dapper Gal." ;)

Anello is a very practical bag to bring anywhere because it is both stylish and durable.

Anello Leather Casual in Ivory

Anello Leather Casual in Ivory (front view)

Anello Leather Casual in Ivory (back view)

Anello Leather Casual in Ivory (top view)

There are a lot of good features with this bag:

  • a wide mouth - it's so wide that I won't have issues looking for something!
  • clear view from the top - as seen in the picture above
  • exterior pockets for easy storing - I can put a bottle of water on the side for easy access

  • super lightweight - it's very light, I can't even feel any back pain
  • the secret tunnel - thanks to this secret tunnel, I can even access my stuff from the back

With my Anello bag, I can go anywhere and still be fashionable, stylish and yet be in my element. Both hands are free to do anything because I can use the bag as a backpack.

with my baby, Snuggles

Wanna know where I got my Anello bag? Check out URBANIZE stores near you.

To know more about URBANIZE products and where to find their stores, you may check out You may also check out their FB page here.

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