Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ye Dang Korean Resto ♥ ♥ ♥

According to my Korean teammate, one of the Best Korean Restaurants here in Manila is located in the Ortigas area.  The restaurant he is referring to is Ye Dang.

I've been hearing about this restaurant since last month and got curious if it is indeed "The Best" so when my friends planned for a group dinner, I immediately suggested that we try out this restaurant.

As soon as we entered Ye Dang, I noticed that there were a lot of odd looking metal thingy hanging.  It looked like an elephant's snout. heehee!  These were overhead exhaust fans which can be pulled closer to the grill so we won't smell (but we still did o_O).

Similar to other Korean Restaurants, they served us a number of appetizers.  A little trivia about myself, I don't like spicy food hence I was only able to try out just a few of their appetizers.  The appetizers tasted great but Jeon Won’s appetizers tasted much better IMHO. :-) In addition, Ye Dang serves only 1 round of appetizers.
Note: A Korean friend of mine told me just now that Ye Dang serves unlimited appetizers.  I'm not sure if the waitress was just not in the mood that night and told us that it's not unlimited OR they really do serve unlimited appetizers but to Koreans only (?) OR they do serve unlimited appetizers to everyone.  But that night, we were served just 1 set of appetizers. 

We ordered the following:
  • 2 Samgyupsal (Roast Pork Belly) Php 240
  • 1 Dak-Kui (Grilled Chicken) Php 300 
  • 1 Japchae (Noodle with chop suey) Php300 
  • 1 Pajon (Seafood with green onion pancake) Php300

Ye Dang has this "rule" wherein customers need to order 2 Samgyupsal or any other food that needs to be grilled in order for them to operate the grill fixed at the center of every table. Otherwise, they'll just bring you the usual portable stove.

I think they use charcoal for the grill.  I'm not sure if the taste of the food differs if we use the grill using charcoal VS. the portable stove which uses butane gas.  Anyway, we just ordered 2 Samgyupsals so they'll turn on the grill.

They also served us 2 kinds of vegetables for our Samgyupsal.  I didn't try the smaller one as my friend told me it tasted odd. heehee!

The garlic pictured above was meant to be grilled and included in the Samgyupsal when you eat them, something we weren't served at Jeon Won.

As for the Japchae and Pajon, both tasted great. They were seasoned just right that you would want to get some more.  :-)  The food is also much more delicious when you have friends to fight over with. ^_^

We also ordered Dak-Kui, forgot to take a photo of it though.  The taste? Forgettable as well. :-P


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