Thursday, June 2, 2011

Funniest Dog Contest by Good Dog Magazine Phils

I love dogs and I love to join online contests. I had my first dog when I was 9 years old and it was a Japanese Spitz.  Her name was Whitey. :P Back then, people usually name their dogs based on its color (i.e. Whitey, Blacky, Brownie..hehe) and you wouldn't see different dog breeds anywhere that much; compared nowadays, wherein almost all people have pet dogs which is a good thing. :-)

Since then, I've had my fair share of dogs in my life:  Whitey (Japanese Spitz), Nero (Doberman), Teri (Toy Terrier), Jessica (Cocker Spaniel), Tanny (Mini Pinscher), Trixie (Mini Pinscher), Tallah (Pomeranian), Cheewee (Pomeranian) and Snuggles (Chihuahua).  This list does not include my brother's dogs and my grandma's dogs.  We're simply a family of dog lovers. :-)

Currently, my cutest dog is Tallah the pomeranian.

Three months ago, I joined an online contest via Facebook called "The Cutest Dog Contest" and because I am confident that Tallah is the cutest EVER, I sent her pics.  True enough, she did won the contest and got her free professional grooming c/o The Dog Spa. ^_^

Two weeks ago, I saw another dog contest and it is being ran by Good Dog Magazine Philippines.  The contest is called "The Funniest Dog Contest" and you just have to submit your dog's pictures and garner some likes from your friends.  Actually, I am not very fond of "most likes" contests because some people garner votes thru fraudulent terms.  Anyway, I would still try my luck since the picture I sent to Good Dog Magazine is really funny and cute. :P

Here's my picture entry:

  Tallah knows how to smile and she's not camera shy! :P

Please help Tallah win the contest by liking her photo. :-)
  1. Like Good Dog Magazine's page 
  2. Click the Like Button below Tallah's picture :)
Thanks guys! :-)


  1. done liking :)
    we are dog lovers too, we have a Taz- a dalmatian, Tommy - a bassett hound and Geri - a beagle :)

    best of luck Tallah!

  2. Joy: thanks for voting po! :)
    Anmurk: mana sa amo ^_^

    1. Oh Tallah is so cute with those shoes! Will definitely check out the page and like it.


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