Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kasbah des Oudaias & the Medina

Sunday was by far the best day yet.  The whole team went on a “walking-tour” around our hotel so we would get the feel of the neighborhood.  We checked out some restaurants for our succeeding dinners, nearby gym and grocery as well.  Our hotel is near the Medina.  The Medina is like a walled city and in it is a local market which sells different stuff such as fruits, herbs, spices, veggies, clothing, shoes, bags, etc.

After some time checking the local stuff, we headed to Kasbah des Oudaias which is an eight hundred year old fort that overlooked the ocean.  I saw pictures of this site via the internet back when I was in the Philippines and was really in awe at the beauty of this place.  It was really relaxing that you would want to stay there for an hour or so.  Even Moroccan “love-birds” go to this place to unwind.  According to Boutaina, most couples go to this place to meet as their country is not that open to meeting up with the opposite sex in public that much yet. There’s also a café nearby which we could go to during the weekends to chat over coffee. The view is just fantastic!

Then, Boutaina led us to a Riad which was turned into an upscale hotel.  You wouldn’t believe what’s inside a Riad.  On the outside, the streets are like a maze that you wouldn’t imagine that something beautiful could be seen inside a simple door.  I also think you wouldn’t be able to get out should you go there alone. You would need someone who’s familiar of the place in order to get out as all streets look exactly the same.  Anyway, on the outside, you wouldn’t even imagine that something beautiful could be seen inside a simple door but it was really spectacular.  You can really hide in it that others won’t know you are there.
Just to prove the beauty of it, here are some pictures:

Tomorrow we would meet with our clients at one of the Government Ministries.  I do hope that everything will go smoothly.

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