Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Amazing Race + Chinese Dinner

Today’s our second day at the client’s office and we had a very looong day.  We were able to speak with some of the commission heads and were also able to get more information of their areas of concern and improvement.  I really am very thankful that God has been faithful to me and Tracey.  I’ve been praying that God would guide us and that He’ll take care of everything and so far, I’ve seen these prayers being answered.  We were always provided with hot Moroccan mint tea, pastries, fruit, lunch, our own private room with white board and flip charts and of course a heater (which is the most important coz its cold!).  The other teams are a bit jealous of us because of all these plus the fact that we have the “feel good” project.  Tracey, being the playful individual that she is, even sent an email with a picture of the pastries, fruits and hot Moroccan mint tea to the whole team to tease them.

I and Tracey had an “amazing race” type of experience late in the afternoon today as we had to find a thank you present for Jailan (our CDC coordinator) as she’ll be leaving the next day.  We went to the Medina after our work to find nice earrings for her (as she loooves earrings so much and it’s the only accessory she wears) and luckily we were able to find 2 in 15 minutes! We had to walk very fast as our meet up time is at 7pm and all of our teammates were waiting for us at the lobby.

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