Friday, August 28, 2015

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant ♥ ♥

Time and time again, we did what we love to do. Try out new restos! And so we scouted the Shangri-la Mall for a new restaurant or something we haven't tried before.  We stumbled upon Gyu-Kaku Restaurant which is a Japanese/Korean BBQ resto. 

As I've mentioned before, we love Japanese cuisine so we were excited on trying this one out. It is mainly a yakiniku restaurant, which means you can grill your own meat at your tables though we opted ours to be grilled by the chef. :)

Below were the list of our orders:

Karubi Soup - Php 425 (to share)
Spicy Short Ribs Beef Soup

Yasaichijimi - Php 195
Korean Style Veggie pancake drizzled with okonomiyaki sauce and mayo

Karubi (USA) - Php 895 (large)
Short Ribs that is known as the king of yakiniku;
popular for its sweet flavor and tender textures
We chose Tare Sauce for this

Harami (USA) - Php 395
Low in fat content; we chose Spicy Miso for this

Yes, the meat were juicy and tender except that the serving size was too small that I could finish it on my own, really.  

As shown in the menu pictured above, we ordered 2 kinds of meat: Karubi (USA) and Harami (USA). The picture was so appealing and mouth-watering so I was really excited to try them out. 

There were also 4 kinds of sauces to choose from namely: Tare, Shio, Misu, Spicy Miso, Black Pepper

In my opinion, at its price, I was expecting that the serving size was good for sharing so just imagine our faces when we saw how much a large order really is. (NOTE: there were 2 choices, small / large and we opted for the large order thinking it was good for sharing)

Since there were four of us, we just added the following orders as well:

Crispy Pork Belly - Php 285

Tofu Steak - Php 195
Breaded fried tofu with vegetables and japanese steak sauce

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant is located at the 2/F East Wing, Shangri-La Plaza Mall.
For other menu options, you may check out PH

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