Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dar Naji Experience

We are so blessed to have a very sweet client.  Ilham invited us (me, Tracy and Hafida) to have dinner at Dar Naji Restaurant tonight.  They offer traditional Moroccan meal but as with the other restaurants, they got only a few selection of food to offer.  The restaurant really looked nice with all those unique paintings, seats and they even got seats with tents. :-)

I ordered a traditional dish called Hargma.  According to Ilham and Hafida, this dish takes about 24 hours to cook.  It got chickpeas in it and cow’s hooves.  The dish is delicious.  At first, I feared that I might not like the food because it is somewhat "exotic" but interestingly, I loved it.  I was able to finish all of the cow's hooves but was not able to finish the chickpeas because we also ordered a salad and was already full by then.  The salad we ordered has 3 different kinds it it:   Taktouka (tomato based); Bakoula (spinach based); and Zaalouk (eggplant based) and they were all delicious!  I think I can eat this every other day and it would be just fine. (and healthy? ^_^)
Tracey on the other hand ordered a vegetarian Tajine and Harira soup which is a tomato based soup with lentils, chickpeas, etc. as she has been a vegetarian for more than 20 years.  It’s the first time that I came to know someone who’s a real vegetarian and in our team, there were 3 of them (Tej, Sridha and Tracey).  I don’t know how they are able to do it, but I salute them.  I can’t imagine not eating meat for a month…but maybe, if I am really determined to be a vegetarian, I can do it as well. BUT I do really love eating meat so I think being a vegetarian is definitely a dream. :-P

L-R: Ilham, Hafida and Tracey

Taktouka (tomato based); Bakoula (spinach based); and Zaalouk (eggplant based) salad

L-R: Ilham, Hafida, me and Tracey

Hargma (cow's hooves with chickpeas)

Tajine de Viande Aux Pruneaux (Beef Tajine) for Hafida

Chicken Tajine for Ilham

Vegetarian Tajine for Tracey

Moroccan Mint Tea

Ilham and Hafida enjoying the background Moroccan music :-)

Overall, the whole dinner was really great and I hope we could go to this place again next week with the whole team. :-)

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