Saturday, November 26, 2016

REVIEW: Althea Korea Experience ♥ ♥ ♥

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Online shopping is one of the perks that we have right now that our grandparents never experienced.
I've tried buying online before, but mainly from merchants within the Philippines. This is my first time to buy online and all of the products are from Korea.

I got really excited because who wouldn't? These are all beauty products --- and all made in Korea!
Koreans are very popular with regards to their skincare because as you can see, they've got one of the best Asian skin --- porcelain, glowing, pore-less, and silky-smooth!

Oh how I would like to have Song Hye-kyo's perfect skin. <3

Song Hye-kyo

So, here's my first ever Althea Korea haul. :)  I've ordered the following, in the hopes of having that perfect Korean skin.

This one got a lot of rave reviews online. It promises to give you that matte-looking skin the whole day.  Haven't tried this one yet, but am excited to try this one out soon!

This one promises to get rid of all those blackheads. According to the website, this balm has an excellent sebum absorption power. This cleansing balm will remove blackheads by oil massage while absorbing sebum. This is for my brother who got very large pores in his nose. :P

  • contract pores
  • control sebum
  • exfoliate
  • deep cleanse
  • brighten
  • tone
  • cool

This one promises to give you that brightening effect and also lighten brown spots thanks to its Vitamin C and green tea extracts which promotes a fair and healthy complexion. ;)

Last but not the least, I also got this eye-patch from Petitfee.  This one promises to invigorate the eye area and lessen the dark under-eye circles...lets see!

The eye-patch is very relaxing! Even though I didn't put this in the fridge, it was cool enough to relax my tired eyes. It was refreshing and relaxing at the same time. Got too excited that I tried it immediately that very night I received the package. LOL!!! Look at how silly I am. haha!

Based on some of the reviews I've read online, to get the desired effect from this eye-patch, one should put this on religiously.  You won't get an instant effect with just one application.  It's business! Of course they would want you to continuously buy their products. :)  I will update this blog after finishing the whole tub which contains 30-pairs of eye-patch. 

Since this is my first time ordering from Althea, they gave me a "Welcome Discount" gift amounting to Php 350 pesos in total.

That's a very good deal! Not only would you get a Php 350 discount, you'll also get a discounted rate of almost all of the products in this website.  Check out the prices of the Laneige products in Althea vs. the ones available in the local market and you'll see what I am talking about. It's really affordably priced when compared to some of their counterparts which are being sold locally.

Not only that, you'll also get free shipping on orders above Php999! :)

I've got nothing to hate from this company except their partner local courier service which is by LBC. I didn't like that their courier have to LIE and tell me that the courier went to our house and that no one was there to receive my package. Hello? We've got CCTV cameras around our house and we reviewed it --- no one came from LBC on 11/21 that's for sure. And secondly, our helpers didn't leave the house that day because I told them that the package will be delivered that day.

So what was my solution? I called and updated LBC every single day --- to record that I've been waiting for this package and that my eyes are on them. I also reported this to Althea Korea so they'll have a record of their partner courier here in the Philippines.

Would I still buy from Althea Korea? Of course! I just hope that they'll get a better courier -- one that doesn't have to lie because their courier isn't able to deliver the package on the promised date.

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    1. Hello. Dun sa email notice nila, they posted the Tracking number, pagka-input mo nun, makikita mo yun LBC tracking number once nasa Manila na yun package. :)


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