Sunday, December 18, 2016

Holiday Getaways Up North ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Oh December, how time flies so fast!  Exactly one week to go and it's Christmas time already.

Every BER months, we see to it that our whole family go to Baguio.  It's the best time of the year to go to the city of pines due to the cool weather during these times.

Who could say no to this view? 

There are a lot of hotels and inns in Baguio but my family and I always stay within the Camp John Hay area because it still has some nature trails where you can walk and feel at tune with nature and get that relaxing vibe.  The breeze is also cooler in this area because it's more elevated compared to the city center.  We've already tried The Manor, The Forest Lodge, and Le Monet.  So far, all of these hotels are great but the most modern one is Le Monet

Here's a quick video clip of our family's trip to Baguio. It's a total staycation at its finest!


We stayed at Le Monet and we've got their Junior Suite.  It's enough for a family of four because it has two queen beds, a living area, a small dining area and a balcony.  We also chose the Forest View because it's more serene and relaxing.

And just to prove to you that Baguio is indeed my favorite BER months holiday destination, I went up again to Baguio this December.  We went up to Baguio via big bikes and it was indeed a very adventurous, adrenaline pumping ride.

#OOTD with the BF

Harley Davidson Softail Heritage


Harley Davidson Softail Heritage

It is a very unique experience because I usually just doze off inside the comfort of our vehicle every time my family and I go up to Baguio.  This time, I need to be awake for the whole duration of the ride else I get into an accident. LOL!  

I hired the service of Ride Along Motorcycle Tours to surprise my boyfriend and thankfully, my surprise was a success. 

Here's a clip of our adventurous December ride to Baguio:

It was a very unique experience because you get to feel the weather changing as you go up and reach Baguio. You can really feel the sudden change of the weather brushing thru your face. :)

Here's another shot of our gorgeous rides to Baguio: 

#OOTDNo.2  with the Harley Davidson Softail Heritage 1700

#OOTDNo.2 with the Harley Davidson 883 Sportster

#OOTDNo.2 with the Kawasaki Vacquero 1700

There's always a sunshine after the rain

#OOTDNo.3 on our way back to Manila

#OOTDNo.3 Sunset shot on our way back to Manila

#OOTDNo.3 Sunset shot on our way back to Manila

Selfie with the whole gang :)

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