Saturday, March 17, 2012

2Ms: Medina and Matsuri Hunt

Tracey and I planned to go on a day trip to Meknes and see Volubilis, which is an ancient Roman ruin that stretches out to over 40 hectares, however, our client told us that it is not safe for two women to go there on our own since it is very far from everything else.  Since most of our teammates are not available this Saturday, we just went to Rabat Medina and strolled mostly along Rue des Consuls which is the "artisan" end of the Medina, near the Kasbah to do some shopping.  Tracey (the “Shopaholic”) again won the “Shopper Award.” I wonder though how she would pack all those stuff in her luggage. Hmmm…

Rue des Consuls 

Rue des Consuls 

After a few hours in the medina, we wandered around Rabat to find Matsuri which is a good Japanese restaurant (according to trip advisor).  

Andalusian Garden

Andalusian Garden 

Andalusian Garden 

pathway to Cafe Maure from Andalusian Garden

Cafe Maure
(This is where Rabatis come to relax and pass the time. From here there are views of Sale's medina, of the Bou Regreg and of the Atlantic Ocean.)

Kasbah street


Rue Mohammed V...Matsuri hunt!!!

pickled olives and lemons

want a haircut?


palm-tree lined boulevard

nice & quick, huh..promise? :)

Bank Al Machrib

Cathedral Saint-Pierre, built in the 1930s


We walked for almost 3 hours but luck was not on our side that day :s  In the end, we just ate at the Rabat Ville Train Station food court.

For dinner, we rode the tram and tried out a French restaurant for a change.  I had Paname salad as recommended by Amy & La Suzette Crepe. :-)

trying to decipher the menu (which is in French) >.<

with my La Suzette

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