Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fes Yamanda -- a lovely riad

One of our clients at the MWM organization (Laila Miyara) owns a riad in Fez so we grabbed the chance and made reservations with her for a weekend getaway.  Fez is a 2.5 hour train ride from Rabat.  We got the first-class ticket for this trip so we'll all be together in a cabin. :-)

Rahul & Austin

Rahul, Mihoko &Tracey

with Austin & Amy

As soon as we arrived in Fez, Abdul, the riad personnel met us up in front of Hotel Batha and guided us to Fes Yamanda Riad as the riad we are staying in is within the labyrinth like medina.  In the medina, you would really feel like you're in a maze.  You wouldn't be able to get out of it alone. We got the service of a guide (Thami) to tour us around the medina.  I am so thankful that we got Thami's service as we wouldn't be able to see the things we saw if we toured Fez on our own. 


The riad was really beautiful.  I would love to stay in one again in the future...and probably own one? LOL!  Staying in a riad for a night is an extra-ordinary experience on its own.  The riad has a terrace on top which gave us a great view of the city of Fez.

On the outside, you wouldn't even imagine something beautiful would surprise you behind those doors.  

Here are some pictures from the terrace

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