Friday, March 23, 2012

You are blessed :-)

Have you realized that every day is a blessing?  The moment you wake up is already a blessing.  It is a blessing that God has given you another day to live and enjoy life.  For the past 5 years, I started this habit of writing down every single blessing that I have received for the day.  The blessing may be as little as getting a parking spot with so much ease or as grand as being chosen to represent IBM Philippines amongst thousands of applicants and getting an all expense paid trip to Morocco – if it is a blessing, I jot it down to remind me how blessed I am and how God keeps tab of me because I am His child. :-)
God started my year with a blessing.  This trip to Morocco is a blessing and a test of my endurance at the same time.  I know God has given this opportunity to me because He knows my desire, strengths and weaknesses. I know for a fact that God wants His children to grow stronger and this experience did that to me.  Traveling and being alone in a foreign land for a month is a test in itself.  One should be able to adapt in order to survive.  One month is not too long for some but it is to some extent long for me as this is the first time that I am away from home this long.  It is also hard to contact my family back home due to poor internet connection at the hotel and time difference between Manila & Rabat.
Before I forget my one-month worth of blessings, I would like to list them down to remind me how God continue to bless me even in Morocco. :-)

Feb 24 – Did connecting flights from Manila>Doha>Tunisia>Casablanca; after 23 hours and 55 minutes, I finally arrived in Casablanca in one piece :P (without any difficulty)
Feb 25 – Hotel Texuda is a 5 story 3-star hotel; with approx. 30+ rooms. IBM provided us with mid-range type of rooms since this is volunteer work; nevertheless, I am still blessed to be given a large room (room 402) and my room is beside my partner, Tracey (so it is also easier to communicate). :-)  Most of my teammates had to request a room change to get better rooms, provided that it is vacant.
Feb 27 – First time to finally meet some of our clients: Ilham (MWM President) and Manal (MWM Training Committee Head) and they converse in English quite well.  Other teams needed the aid of translators in order to communicate to their clients.  According to the other teams, ours is the “feel good” project. :-)
Feb 28 – Tracey and I were provided with our own room with heater and a private loo (with soap and toilet paper).  We learned that other teams’ offices have not so clean lavatories and that they need to bring their own toilet paper and soap.  We also get daily supply of pastries, cookies, Moroccan Mint Tea, and water. Thank God we are being taken cared for.

with Fatima

Feb 29 – For the whole first week, Ilham (MWM President) provided us with lunch at no cost. Also, the view of our route to work is very relaxing as it is by the coastline. 

March 1 – Our client, Ilham, invited us (Tracey and I) to a dinner at Dar Naji which is a Moroccan restaurant.  The food was very delicious and I was able to try their specialty called Hargma which is composed of chickpeas and cow hooves. 

March 3 – The team went to Marrakech over the weekend and the hotel provided us with 7 rooms with twin beds and 3 rooms with double beds and by God’s grace, I got one of rooms with double beds.
March 5-6 –  Ilham and Aicha were very satisfied with the MS Excel spreadsheet template I’ve provided for partners and list of suggested tools and services.  I prayed about this specifically and by God’s grace, my prayer has been answered. :-)
March 8 – International Women’s Day today. Ilham brought us to MegaMall & offered to pay half of the rate for the Girls’ Night Out event at Mai Thai. I was able to buy a dress and doll shoes from Etam and according to Ilham, it is a good quality brand from France. :-)

March 9 – Ilham invited us to her brother’s residence for lunch. Friday is Prayer day in Morocco and they have couscous and buttermilk for lunch.  We also met the recruitment committee head, Hayat, and I was able to suggest two options for their current issues.  Ilham also provided us with free transportation to Rabat Ville train station to buy our tickets for Fez this weekend.  Ticket to Fez was also cheaper than the rate posted online.
March 10 – Went to Fez with Tracey, Mihoko, Rahul, Austin & Amy. Was able to stay for a night at a riad. Got the service of Thami (guide) and was able to tour around Fez with so much ease and see spots we wouldn’t be able to find without a local guide.  Thank God for Thami. 

March 11 – Had a very fruitful, problem-free weekend getaway with the team. :-)

March 16 – Done with the presentation at the MWM Annual General Meeting.  MWM was very satisfied with our deliverables and as a thank you gift, we received Moroccan leather shoulder bags. :-)

March 18 – Had a very relaxing day with Tej & Tracey. We did a walking tour around Rabat-Sale. I had an amazing seafood pastilla at Restaurant la Rive.

March 19 – Was able to have some time to update my blog finally. :-)
March 20 – Was able to finish the additional requests of Ilham for the Membership Master File Spreadsheet and Training Day Evaluation Summary spreadsheet on time! :-)
March 21 – Had a very relaxing day at Moving Club with Tracey and Austin. We had 1 hour Hammam and 1 hour massage. A very unique experience indeed!
March 22 – Was able to go to Carrefour alone and buy Argan oil for colleagues. Rest day today. Got Moroccan Mint Tea Demo from Boutaina.  Dinner treat at Restorante Finzi from Amy.  Thank God for rest. Awesome food, great company. :-)

March 23 – Had a successful meeting with IBM Morocco Executives. Time to celebrate! :-)

March 24 - Arrived at the airport on time. :-)

Know that God is in charge of everything so you need not worry.  Cast all your cares on Him for He cares for you. God bless you! :)

Romans 8:28

New International Version (NIV)
 28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been called according to his purpose.

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  1. you are blessed indeed! should you be going back in PI, don't forget our pasalubongs! ;) - eugene


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