Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sale, Hassan Tower & Mausoleum of Mohammed V

For a change of scenery, Tracey, Tej,and I rode the tram to Sale which is the other side of Rabat. This is by far the most relaxing day I had.  Most of my days these past few weeks are so hectic and full that I usually just have 2 hours during the night to do non-work related stuff at the hotel.  (Add the fact that I always take a bath at night because I don’t want to go to bed with all the dirt which leaves me just an hour of free time before I sleep.) >.<

As soon as we arrived in Sale, we just walked around the area and rested for a while by the beach which was very relaxing.


Tej & Tracey


We really didn't have any planned activity aside from checking out the Mausoleum of Mohammad V and Hassan Tower, so we just stayed at the beach area for an hour or so and watched the locals play soccer by the beach…

walked around and had lunch at Restaurant la Rive at 
the Marina Bienvenue a Bouregreg

Restaurant la Rive

my pastilla..YUM

with Tracey & Tej

Marina Bienvenue a Bouregreg 

checked out a pet store…

weird huh? 

excited? :)

hihi.. ^___^

Hassan Tower

Royal Guard 

and ate gelato at the Rabat Ville station. :)

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