Friday, March 16, 2012

So far, so good!

Within two weeks, we were able to produce A LOT.  We created a Team Charter which contained the organization’s objectives, vision, mission, values, team structure, each committee’s roles, activities and responsibilities, process flows, roles of engagement, key contact details, etc.; List of suggested tools and services which the organization can use to increase their effectiveness, productivity and revenue; Minutes of the Meeting (MOM) Template; Partnership & Projects Pipeline Spreadsheet which would contain details of their current and upcoming projects, sponsors, partners, activities, events, etc; Membership Master File which will be used to track current mentor/mentee tandems and members’ details; Training Manual Template which will be used by trainers as their guidance on how to prepare , conduct and wrap up trainings; Training Day Evaluation Summary Spreadsheet which would show the members’ evaluation results thru charts and a lot of suggestions for sustainability for each committee on how to sustain and improve the organization. Tracey also provided Microsoft Project and Project Management Training Presentation to orient the committee heads. Due to time and schedule constraints, Tracey had to squeeze the training which normally takes six-days into 2 hours. GAH! >.<

We also made French versions of our deliverables as most of them don’t speak English.  Thanks to Google translate by the way. :-P 


our deliverables

my partner Tracey :)

my best friend..LOL

with Fatima :)

Tracey and I attended the Moroccan Womens Mentoring Annual General Meeting (AGM) tonight and we're so glad that we are finally done with our final presentation.  All other deliverables are also almost done with. Most of the committee heads had already reviewed our deliverables and so far, they're all happy with what we've submitted.  Next week would probably be a more relaxed week for us…finally. :)

with Tracey & Ilham

with Tracey & Imane

with Tracey & Aicha

Moroccan Women Mentoring/Networking

I thank God that almost all of what I've prayed for for this whole trip has been answered.  He's been faithful until the end. Romans 8:28 :) I thank God for guiding Jailan and Boutaina and for partnering me up with Tracey.  I think and believe that we are without a doubt the right tandem for this project as we were able to use our skills and abilities to practice.

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