Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fight the Fat via Morning Power Walk

I’ve been eating A LOT lately.  My typical breakfast back in the Philippines would consist of just the following: a glass of milk, a glass of apple shake and a glass of water --- that’s it.  For lunch, I would have wheat bread and dessert if I’m craving for sweets.  I would usually have the “real full meal” during dinner because that’s when I’m with my family.  I know it should be the other way around and that I should eat more during breakfast but I prefer to eat my complete meal with the whole family. :-)

Since I arrived here in Morocco, I’ve been eating full meals 3X a day.  Aside from that, we’ve been eating dinner late at night because that’s when most of us are already back at the hotel. I really need to cut down my food intake or else!!  It has only been two weeks now and I can feel that my jeans are getting tighter. >.< 

I joined some of my teammates do their daily power walk/jog early in the morning.  It is a 1 hour power walk/jog along our street to the Medina, then we go past the cemetery to the coast line which has a really great view, around the coast road then up past the Kasbah then go back.

with the birthday boy, Rahul

Rahul &Tracey

I hope I’ll be able to join them more often but can’t help bed keeps on pulling me back to sleep. LOL

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